Salem Church of Christ

Service Times:
Service 9AM
Livestream Service 11am

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Next Step

Welcome to our Church!

What happens next?

There are so many places where you can connect with our community. 
But the first thing we would encourage you to do is come visit with us this Sunday! Just as we want to get to know you - you'll want to get to know our church's personality. When you arrive on any given Sunday, you'll come into our "commons area." Get here a few minutes early to grab some coffee and donuts.

Sunday School & Bible Study Classes start at 10:00 AM,
Worship starts at 9:00 AM or 11:00AM.

After this, the best way for you to begin developing some strong connections would be for you to join one of our Life Groups. You can learn more about them here!

We would also love to meet with you and answer any immediate questions you might have for us. If you'd like, please let us know ahead of time when you're planning to come and we'll arrange with one of our church leaders to spend some time with you and your family over lunch.

What do I Wear?

The most important thing for you to know is that you are welcome here regardless of what you wear. We never want something as silly as what you choose to wear, to keep you from experiencing worship with us. We are a diverse church body when it comes to "dress code".

When you arrive, you will see a few people in a suit and tie - most in a polo shirt with slacks - and others in jeans. You are welcome no matter what you wear, as long as you wear something!

Where do I park?

Our building has ample parking all around the building. If the parking lot is full, you may also park across the street in the Vistar Eye Center parking lot. We hope you will join us soon!

will I hear?

You will hear the Bible preached. Our opinions and desires are not the driving force here. What matters is everyone working toward a fuller understanding of what God wants from us.  We strive to always teach Scripture with application to your daily life.  If the Bible doesn't make sense, if you don't see why it matters to you today, lives are not changed. 

You will also hear great music lifting up our God. We are an instrumental Church of Christ. Our Worship Leader, Meghan Plott, and our worship team do a fantastic job putting together a powerful time of focused worship each week. Expect to hear contemporary and tradition musical selections incorporated into the worship.

Is there wheelchair access?

We not only have wheelchair access to every level of our facilities, but we also have wheelchairs to use as needed and easy to access seating for both wheelchairs and walkers. You will be able to sit in comfort and be a part of our congregation.

Is there anything for children and teens?

Absolutely! Check out our Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry Pages For more information.