Salem Church of Christ

Service Times:
Sunday Class 9 AM
Sunday Worship 10 AM
Sunday Small Group 5 PM
Wednesday Study 6 PM

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Life Groups

We are so excited about our Life Groups Ministry! Our Life Groups are designed for Christians or non-Christians who are still searching. They are small enough to allow for questions, great discussion - and of course - some good food!

We have really worked hard to create an opportunity for growth for anyone who is seeking to grow in their relationship with God. Whether you have been a Christian for 50 years, or you are not even sure this Christianity thing is for you - you have a place in our Life Groups. If you are ready to get connected with one of our small groups, please contact Taylor Plott at If you want to learn some more about how our groups are set up, keep reading!

GROUP SET-UP: Each Life Group is designed to be very family friendly!

Family Focus: If your child is Middle School or older, we want them in the Bible Study with you. This is a chance for families to study the Bible, ask questions, and grow together. The video based curriculum we choose is designed to appeal to a broad age range.

Early Time:  Our Small Groups will all meet at the same time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Sunday NightsYou have kids? You need to get them ready for bed early to be up for school early. We get it.

Child Care Provided: Each group will be a little different based on needs. But usually there will be a rotation of a few people (an older student or a parent) who will take turns monitoring the young kids. Often a child focused movie (like Veggietales) may be shown. Feel free to bring a few toys/coloring book for your kids to play with.  

Meal Time: Each week the small groups will eat together before the study time. This is a great time to hang out and get to know each other better. The way the meal is handled each week (who brings what) is up to the host family. Often it will be potluck style.

GROUP TYPES: Our groups are not divided by age, or style. They are divided up by the study focus. This is to encourage people from different backgrounds and different ages to not just learn from the Bible study, but to be able to learn from each other.

"FOUNDATION" Life Group - Are you younger in the faith, or just starting to explore Christianity? What are the questions that you really need to understand correctly in order for your faith to grow? Who is God? Why should I care about Him? How do I know Christianity is the one truth faith that I should commit myself to following? These challenging, but fundamental questions are the types of things we will address in our 'FOUNDATION' Life Group.

"REFINING" Life Group - What if you have a strong handle on the basics? Maybe you are ready to move from the 'milk' to the 'meat' of the Christian faith. Diving deeper and being willing to ask tough questions is how you will continue to grow and mature. Questions like: How do I move my faith from a "Sunday-only" faith to an "every-moment-of-my-life" faith? What does it look like to be a Christian at work, school, as a leader in my family, as a teenager? We will dig into these ideas in our 'REFINING' Life Group.

"DISCIPLESHIP" Life Group - This is the group that is focused on helping you make the shift from a primarily internal Christian faith, to a primarily external faith. Jesus commanded us to "Go out and make disciples". If we are to take this command seriously, we must prepare our members to disciple others. This means focusing on how to share your faith, how to lead a Bible study, what to focus on and what to avoid. Most importantly, it means teaching people to love others as Jesus loved us. This is the focus of our 'DISCIPLESHIP' Life Group.

"LIGHTHOUSE" Life Group - This is our more traditional or conventional Sunday PM Bible study. This group will continue to meet at the church building and discuss a variety of topics often centered around the Gospels. If you are not interested or able to be a part of our Life Groups in homes, we still strive to meet your spiritual needs to the best of our ability. Our 'LIGHTHOUSE' Life Group will provide you with the opportunity to dig into the word at the church building. 

If you want to visit a Life Group, you don't need to worry about bringing anything. All you need to do is know where to go and be there on time. Contact Taylor Plott at to get connected!