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Current Life Groups

Book Based Life Group 

Each curriculum for these Life Groups will take you through a book of the Bible. When you approach the Bible this way, it allows you to really dig deep into one area of Scripture. "What was Paul trying to teach the Galatians about?" "Why was he so frustrated with them?" Ultimately these groups will have many connections to your life. You will discover that people never really change. We are wrestling with many of the same things today that people in the Biblical times struggled with.

Topic Based Life Group

In these groups we start with a topic or idea for the curriculum. Instead of working through one book of the Bible, these groups will be all over Scripture as they strive to understand what the Bible teaches on a particular idea. "How do I learn to trust again after being hurt so many times?" Or, "How does God really expect me to use my time any money?" These groups are challenging and designed to dig deep to get you to consider God's next steps for growth in your life. 

Bible Explorers

A small groups class for children ages 3-11 that will be located up in the youth room at Salem Church of Christ. We’ll be covering a lot of fun studies this year designed to help your child grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible. We'll be starting off our year by continuing on our Torchlighter's series which follows famous well known Christians and missionaries as the live out their faith. Children who attend must be registered through Salem Church of Christ's children's ministry in order to attend so we can keep track of allergies.

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