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SCOC supports many different mission through the world and locally in the Roanoke Valley. Click on the pages to the right to get more information and updates on our current missions.

Latest from Thailand

Check out the latest letter from the Flinchum's mission to Thailand: November 2020

Dear All,

As we write this e-mail to you it's Thanksgiving Day, just a few days before our November news goes out. And even though this year has been a unique and even difficult one due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are still very grateful! We have been reminded that we live in a fleeting, temporary world and yet we serve God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes, nor His love for us!

We are grateful for our spiritual family in Southeast Asia. We miss them but hope to soon reunite with them. We are thankful for our earthly family and blessed to have them in our lives. And we are grateful to every person who prays for and supports our ministry. Without you walking by our side we could not do what we do.

We pray that a light at the end of the tunnel is appearing as a vaccine seems promising. And that may be the only way for us to return to Thailand. We ask you to pray for Thailand as a nation as political unrest continues. We pray for level heads and kind hearts to prevail that peace can be preserved.

The travel ban to Myanmar has been extended until December 31st and Thailand has extended its travel ban through January 15th.

God bless each one of you in your journey. And thank you once again for partnering with us in ministry in Thailand!


Mike and Debbie 

Latest from Mid India Christian Mission

To Salem Church of Christ,

I am reaching out to share with you a few pieces of media to share among your team or congregation!

 child opening present  Ladies receive their presents   Christmas Pageant    
nurse papers   church up   church construction

Included you will find some photos of our nurse assisting college program that just recently was approved by the government of India! We also have the ad for the new nurse assisting program that's running locally in India as well for you to get a peek at the facility! We are so proud of this project coming to completion.


You will also find photos of our team working hard to finish our Mercy Home for Boys building. We have the 3rd floor (of four floors) completed and are beginning to plaster the inside and outside of floor one!


Thirdly, you will see a few of our Christmas photos -- of our Christmas pageant from our Mercy Home girls and of the gifts we were able to distribute to all of the villages where our Asha Learning Centers are present!


And finally, a photo of our latest church plant construction project. We are just now starting to lay the foundations for a new church in Batiagarh. (We ask that you do not share this last item online or on social media in order to avoid any persecution to the community.) 


We hope you enjoy these assets and will share the latest from Mid India with your staff and congregations! We would not be able to do all this work without you!!


In Him,

Alexandra Lauber
Admin Assistant and DRM System Administrator

Mid India Christian Mission