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About Salem CoC

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Welcome to Our Family

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Salem Church of Christ and our community.  We were established here in Salem, Virginia in 1902 and have been a permanent fixture on the corner of Main and Shanks Street since then.  We invite you to look through our website, attend a worship service, and consider becoming a more active part of our growing community of faith.

Salem Church of Christ offers ministries for people of all ages and walks of life who are looking to strengthen their relationship with Christ.  The adult preaching and teaching is led by Eric Evans, our Senior Minister. Junior and Senior High students are welcome to come and experience IMPACT, our youth ministry program led by Taylor Plott, the Youth and Family Life Minister. Younger children will enjoy programs specifically geared to their age level. Nursery services are available during worship services for our youngest attenders.

The spiritual direction of our community is guided by the leadership of our elders. Currently we have 4 elders: David Workman, Pat Counts, David Kehoe and Steve Pagans. These men work with great integrity to see to it that we are staying on course in faithfully seeking out God's plans for our community.

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A Community of Faith

Our church strives to be more than a weekly service that meets on Sunday morning or an occasional Bible study.  Like our 1st century brothers and sisters in Christ, we are a community of faith, sharing our lives together throughout the week as well.  Our community offers weekly meetings, mid-week meals, support groups and mission outreach, but these are just the outward signs of life of this “Body of Christ.”

Our common faith in our Lord Jesus paints the way we “do life together” and is the undercurrent of all our social interactions. We share our joys, successes, and good times. We also share our hurts, disappointments, and failures. Our Christian walk of faith encourages us to trust in God whatever the circumstance. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)
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We Are Followers

Ultimately, Christians are simply followers of Jesus. We aspire to His teachings, we are taught by the Bible, and are daily surrendering our lives to Him. This is what is meant by the proclamation, “Jesus is Lord!” In the simplest terms, it means we allow God, in the person of Jesus, to take the driver’s seat and we go along for the ride!

Popular culture is in direct conflict with this approach to life, so we find that we need a support group of fellow believers to help us on this journey. That is what our church community is all about. We have people in many different stages of that journey. Whether you’re a seeker and not sure what you believe yet, a new believer struggling with your new identity in Christ, or a veteran Christian, you’ll find others here to connect with right where you are.

We look forward to taking the journey with you!